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Report a Problem

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Quick and easy ways to submit a concern.

Per RCW 42.56.240 you may request to keep your name and information confidential when submitting a concern. However, the Health Department may be required to release your name and information pursuant to Public Disclosure or court order.

Foodborne Illness

Write down when your symptoms occurred and your five-day food history so you don't forget. If you have a serious case of foodborne illness, first seek medical attention.

Food Safety Complaint

We investigate reports promptly. Anonymous reports are accepted. We ask for your contact information in case we need more information from you.

On-site Sewage Complaint

Report a septic system you think is failing or incorrectly installed.

Pool or Spa Complaint

We respond to complaints for pools and spas at apartments, condos, hotels and fitness centers.

Residential Waste or Garbage Complaint

School Complaint

We investigate concerns that impact students’ health. Before reaching out to us, we encourage you to first contact your school support staff.

If you are a teacher with a health concern, please file a complaint with Labor and Industries.

Septic Service Provider Complaint

Report a problem with a septic system service company.

Solid Waste Facility Complaint

We regulate solid waste handling facilities operating in Pierce County such as:

  • Landfills.
  • Transfer stations.
  • Garbage haulers.
  • Compost facilities.
  • Recyclers.

Submit a complaint if one of these is creating an environmental or public health concern. We investigate reports promptly. Please give us as much information as possible. The more detailed you are, the quicker we can respond and resolve the issue.  

Smoking or Vaping in Public Places