Working better together

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Permitting service improvements

This holiday season, we’re giving you the gift of customer service improvement. Staff at Planning and Public Works (PPW) and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department spent the last year working together to prepare for faster service times, more electronic visibility and a better customer experience—for you.

You can get more information online.

  • You can see the documents you submit, status and approvals online.
  • We review all applications electronically.
  • You get emails when we have an update to share or issue your permit.
  • We can view and review work in either system.

 You benefit from streamlined processes.

  • You can submit applications online or in person at PPW or the Health Department.
  • You get review of single-family homes with a single site plan.

We’re working better together.

  • Staff from Planning and Public Works and the Health Department are co-located at the Annex.
  • Both agencies’ staff attend Advisory Group meetings.

We’ve got great things in store for 2020.

We will continue to simplify the permitting process and improve review times, and:

  • The Health Department will offer a combined application for Onsite Septic Systems and Individual Wells to reduce paperwork and improve efficiency in review.
  • PPW will reduce permit types and link permits associated with certain actions to reduce the number of applications to track.
  • Share information about the relationship between shoreline regulations and septic needs.
  • Improve webpages to communicate clearly, let customers know where they are in the application process and reduce application errors.
  • Improve our communication on the linkages between PPW Development Engineering stormwater requirements with TPCHD septic systems so that applicants consider their combined importance together as they scope out a property to place a new house on.
  • Continue to engage with the Professional Engineers and Septic Designers on getting all work shown on a single site plan when possible.
  • Identify linkages in review criteria that create unintended road blocks to provide our customers with the right information that gets them through all divisions.

We want to hear your feedback.

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