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Staff Directory

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Huff, AllysonAdministrative Assistant IIAdministrative, Food & Community Safety(253) 798-2848
Haymond, MicheleCD Health Promotion Coord IIICommunicable Disease(253) 468-6373
Howell, HeatherDATC IStrengthening Families(253) 798-3521
Hambly, MichelleDATC IIIStrengthening Families(253) 798-4778
Hemingway, LaShawnDisease Investigation Specialist IICommunicable Disease(253) 798-2944
Hird, JoshuaEnvironmental Health SpecialistEnvironmental Health(253) 798-4472
Howes, KenEnvironmental Health Specialist IWaste Management(253) 254-3418
Harris, MichelleEnvironmental Health Specialist IIIEnvironmental Health(253) 798-7683
Hansen, RobynHealth Promotion Coord IStrengthening Families(253) 405-7739
Hermosillo, GeorgeHealth Promotion Coord IIEnvironmental Health(253) 405-8244
Halverson Kuehn, JenniferHealth Promotion Coord IIEnvironmental Health(253) 798-4607
Haymond, MicheleHealth Promotion Coord IIIStrengthening Families(253) 468-6373
Hubbard, GabrielleHealth Promotion Coordinator IICommunicable Disease(253) 798-3566
Holbert, NatashaHealth Promotion Coordinator IICommunicable Disease(253) 328-2225
Higgins, TrevorHealth Promotion Coordinator IIIStrengthening Families
Hawkins, RosieHealth Promotion TechnicianStrengthening Families
Hibben, GeriHuman Resources AnalystHuman Resources(253) 798-2847
Hermer, JacquelynPublic Health Nurse IICommunicable Disease, Network Nurses(253) 363-5574
Harsch, KathyPublic Health Nurse IICommunicable Disease(253) 798-6487