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Corns, BonnieProject Manager
Ford, LeahHealth Promotion CoordinatorStrengthening Families
Phorn, ThailyaHealth Promotion Coordinator IICommunicable Disease, Network Nurses
Cann, KimAdministrative Assistant IIICommunicable Disease
Croft, CoryBuilding Maintenance WorkerAdministrative
Ching, CarrieHealth Promotion Coordinator IIIFamily Support Partnership, Strengthening Families
Badri, NaveedHealth Promotion Coordinator IIIOffice of Assessment, Planning and Improvement
Boggs, JenniferDrug Addiction Treatment Counselor IStrengthening Families
Cruz, VictorDisease Investigation Specialist ICommunicable Disease
Frederickson, MichelleEpidemiologist IEpidemiology, Office of Assessment, Planning and Improvement(253) 208-1978
Sander, AndreaHealth Promotion CoordinatorCommunicable Disease(253) 208-8315
Reyes, DaisyHealth Promotion TechnicianStrengthening Families(253) 254-3382
Howes, KenEnvironmental Health Specialist IWaste Management(253) 254-3418
Olsen, RandallEnvironmental Health Specialist SupervisorEnvironmental Health(253) 255-7017
Su, LaniPublic Health Nurse IStrengthening Families(253) 255-8389
White, JohnnaHealth Promotion Coordinator IIIAdministrative, Office of the Director(253) 266-5201
Frimodig, KendallEpidemiologist(253) 302-2173
Martin, UlyssesHealth Promotion Coordinator IIIOffice of Assessment, Planning and Improvement(253) 302-2528
Turk, EmilyProgram Analyst IIIOffice of Assessment, Planning and Improvement(253) 307-0992
Graves, LindaHealth Promotion Coord IIStrengthening Families(253) 320-8495
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