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Staff Directory

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Wagner, RobEnvironmental Health Specialist IICommunicable Disease(253) 798-6025
Walker, MaureenEnvironmental Health Specialist IEnvironmental Health(253) 798-3740
Warr, AhyondaDrug Addiction Treatment Counselor IStrengthening Families(253) 798-3516
Watts, DanEnvironmental Health Specialist IEnvironmental Health(253) 798-3512
Waun, GeorgeEnvironmental Health Specialist SupervisorEnvironmental Health(253) 798-6485
Welborn, EricaEnvironmental Health Specialist IIEnvironmental Health(253) 798-3493
Whidden, MeghanEnvironmental Health Specialist SupervisorEnvironmental Health, Onsite Sewage(253) 651-2404
Whinery, TravisManagement AnalystAdministrative, Strengthening Families(253) 798-3564
White, JohnnaHealth Promotion Coordinator IIIAdministrative, Office of the Director(253) 266-5201
Wilson, BrendaFiscal Technician IAdministrative(253) 798-6028
Wilson, NaomiProgram Analyst IIIAdministrative, Office of the Director(253) 719-3680
Wolbert-Neff, RuthDrug Addiction Treatment Counselor IIStrengthening Families(253) 798-6563
Wolf, JohannaHealth Promotion Coordinator IIIStrengthening Families(253) 590-9398
Wood, StephanieProgram Analyst IIAdministrative(253) 798-3543