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Staff Directory

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Tainamu, ShelleyEnvironmental Health Specialist IICommunicable Disease(253) 798-3832
Tanbara, GregHealth Promotion Coord IIEnvironmental Health(253) 798-4784
Thayer, JoyAdministrative Assist IIIStrengthening Families(253) 798-2862
Thompson, KimOffice AdministratorCommunicable Disease(253) 798-3824
Thomson, DallasProgram ManagerEnvironmental Health(253) 798-4733
Titus, JamieAdministrative Assistant IIICommunicable Disease(253) 798-3542
Tracy, JordanPublic Health Nurse IIStrengthening Families(253) 798-4576
Trapp Petty, MelissaProgram ManagerAdministrative(253) 798-7668
Triggs, KellyHealth Promotion TechnicianStrengthening Families(253) 732-9561
Turk, EmilyProgram Analyst IIIOffice of Assessment, Planning and Improvement(253) 307-0992
Turner, NigelDivision DirectorCommunicable Disease(253) 798-6057
Turney, BrandeeEnvironmental Health SpecialistCommunicable Disease, Food & Community Safety(253) 798-3826
Tuttle, LindsayEnvironmental Health Specialist IIIEnvironmental Health(253) 377-6092