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Staff Directory

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Racke, KellyEnvironmental Health Specialist IEnvironmental Health(253) 798-4764
Reardon, RyanIT Systems Engineer IAdministrative(253) 798-6043
Reiquam, TiffinyAdministrative Assist III(253) 798-3256
Reno, RichardIT Analyst III(253) 798-3519
Reyes, DaisyHealth Promotion TechnicianStrengthening Families(253) 254-3382
Richardson, KarenAdministrative Assist IICommunicable Disease(253) 798-4837
Ridilla, DarlaAdministrative Assistant II(253) 798-4719
Riley, StaceyOffice AdministratorEnvironmental Health(253) 798-3485
Rim, CharaProgram ManagerAdministrative, Vital Records(253) 798-6480
Ritchey, KimberlyDATC IStrengthening Families(253) 798-3476
Robertson, ShannonOffice AdministratorStrengthening Families(253) 798-4741
Robinson, AmandaClinic CoordinatorStrengthening Families(253) 798-4710
Rodriguez, JocelynAdministrative Assist IICommunicable Disease(253) 798-4460
Rodriguez, VictorProgram ManagerAdministrative, Health Equity(253) 370-5687
Rohr, AndyAsstant Division DirectorStrengthening Families(253) 798-3564
Rollins, GlennEnvironmental Health Specialist IIIEnvironmental Health(253) 798-3503
Rollosson, MatthewPublic Health Nurse IICommunicable Disease(253) 798-6052
Roppo, MonicaEnvironmental Health Specialist IIEnvironmental Health(253) 798-4751
Rose, SydneyEnvironmental Health SpecialistCommunicable Disease, Food & Community Safety(253) 798-4453
Ross, KathleenHealth Promotion Coord IIEnvironmental Health(253) 798-7369