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Coalition Resource Group

You can contact Marcy Boulet at or (253) 798-4734.

Community Health Worker (CHW) Collaborative of Pierce County

You can contact Johanna Wolf at or (253) 590-9398.

Family Support Partnership

You can contact Victor Rodriguez at or (253) 798-6543.

Family Support Service Task Force

You can contact Victor Rodriguez at or (253) 798-6543.

Food Advisory Group

You can contact Katie Lott at or (253) 798-3577.

Health Equity Team

You can contact Jacques Colon at or (253) 370-5687.

Mid-County Collaboration Team

You can contact Andy Rohr at or (253) 798-6542.

Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) Advisory Committee

You can contact Kelly McIntire at or (253) 798-4745.

Northwest Healthcare Response Network

You can contact Cindy Miron at or (253) 798-6556.

Pierce County Antibiotic Resistance Task Force

You can contact Emily Less or (253) 625-1362.

Pierce County Immunization Coalition

You can contact Kate Cranfield at or (253) 798-2813.

Pierce County Oral Health Coalition

You can contact Dawn Jacobs at or (253) 798-2945.

Pierce County Collaborative

You can contact Susan Pfeifer at or (253) 798-2949.

School Health Collaboration

You can contact Michele Haymond at or (253) 798-4926.

Septic Professionals Advisory Group

You can contact Leigh McIntire at or (253) 798-6144.

Teen Alcohol Prevention

You can contact Tutrecia Giles at or (253) 798-6545.