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Get Rid of Unwanted Medicine—Safely

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New! Pierce County to expand free medicine take-back locations and services through MED-Project.

We approved a plan to make medicine disposal more convenient. MED-Project, funded by the drug industry, will be adding drop-box locations and postage-paid return envelopes.

Check back on this webpage for future updates.

Look for existing drop-boxes to get rid of unwanted medicine. 

In Pierce County you can safely dispose of medicine you no longer need at select area pharmacy and law enforcement sites. These programs are free to the public and are typically available during normal business hours.

Why should I use secure medicine return?

Drug abuse. The home medicine cabinet is one of the most common places people go when looking for drugs to get high.

Accidental poisoning. Many young children get poisoned by taking medicine not intended for them.

Bad for the environment. When you flush medicine down the toilet or throw it in the trash, it pollutes our water and soil.

Where can I find a drop-box?

See drop box locations.

What medicines can be returned?

See a list of what you can bring back.


Contact Secure Medicine Return at securemedreturn@tpchd.org or (253) 798-6429.