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Keep Garbage out of our Drinking Water

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Spring 2020 Well Sampling Postponed

Many of our staff are responding to COVID-19. We’re working on the back log of work to address the restart of low-risk construction projects. We’re postponing LRI residential drinking water well sampling until the fall. We’ll contact you in the fall to schedule your appointment.

Questions? Contact Michelle Harris at or (253) 798-7683.

Residential well sampling near LRI landfill

We are the public health regulator of the LRI landfill. We make sure landfill operations don’t pollute drinking water or cause other public or environmental health hazards.

Our sampling program tests drinking water wells near the landfill at no charge to well owners. All drinking water wells within one-half mile of the LRI Landfill are eligible.

Property owners can have their well water tested once each year. Owners can opt-in or out of the program at any time.

The program:

  • Assesses drinking water quality.
  • Assures area residents that their water is safe to drink.

I want to opt-in or out or have questions.

See if you qualify and opt-in or out. Contact Keith Johnston at or (253) 798-6561.

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