Toxic Algae on lake

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What can you do to keep water clean?

Our Surface Water program is one of many partners in the community that work to keep water clean. Visit these links to find out how you can get involved.

Puget Sound Starts Here—Improves water quality and aquatic habitat in Puget Sound.

Harbor WildWatch—Offers educational programs to residents about Puget Sound wildlife.

Pierce Conservation District—Works to conserve natural resources and our quality of life.

Stream Team—Offers volunteer opportunities to sample creeks and educate residents about water quality.

Citizens for a Healthy Bay—Patrols waterways and provides education to protect Puget Sound.

WSU Master Gardener Program—Trains volunteers who help people practice natural gardening.

Help us track algae blooms! Get involved with our Algae Watch Volunteer Group. Email Lindsay at to sign up.