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Current Surface Water Advisories

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Safe water is essential to healthy people in healthy communities.

We want you and your family to have fun and stay healthy. We post advisories or closures when conditions are unsafe, so people and pets don't get sick. We recommend you check this list before you swim or harvest shellfish in Pierce County.

Water contact advisories. 

Location Advisory Type
Date Posted
Waughop Lake  Toxic Algae Caution  Jul. 3, 2017  Lake may be unsafe for people and pets.
Avoid areas with algae. 
Colvos Passage Shellfish Biotoxins
Aug. 9, 2017  Do not eat varnish or butter clams from the beaches along Colvos Passage.

Commencement Bay Inner Waterways

Do not eat the fish.
Feb. 24, 2017
Do not eat any crab, shellfish, or bottom-feeding fish from the inner waterways of Commencement Bay.

Fish and shellfish advisories.

Shellfishing conditions can change quickly, you should always check before you dig. For current state-wide conditions, check the Department of Health's map of safe areas for recreational shellfish harvesting.

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