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Healthy Community Planning Program

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What does a healthy community look like?

We deserve to live, learn, work and play in healthy places.

Where you live affects your health. Things in your neighborhood can also influence community health:

  • Good parks.
  • Pedestrian and bike-friendly street design.
  • Community gathering places.
  • Other community planning decisions.

Plan for healthy communities so the healthy choice is the easy choice for everyone.

Promoting healthy human habitat and livable communities.

We help local agencies consider health in their planning documents. We also share information to promote healthy communities.


Smart and sustainable built environments promote healthy communities.


We partner with policy makers, planners and community members to build sustainable and healthy communities.

We ensure communities are healthy and sustainable and:

  • Encourage land-use and transportation planning that considers people, prosperity and planet.
  • Engage affected communities to help shape the planning process.
  • Address health disparities.
  • Reduce health risks.

Program contact

We partner with other agencies in comprehensive planning. Find out more about how the Health Department can help.

Contact Amy Pow at or (253) 576-6222.