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Community of Focus: East Tacoma

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Help share East Tacoma's story.

You are the experts on your community. What matters to you may make a difference in your community’s health. 

First people

East Tacoma is the ancestral home of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, part of the Salish speaking people of the Pacific Northwest.

Who lives here?

About 35,000 people live in East Tacoma. Many Hispanic, Vietnamese and African American people live here. It is among Pierce County’s most diverse communities.

Local leaders

Founded in 2015, East Tacoma Collaborative’s mission is to help community leaders better understand and improve health. In 2016, the Collaborative hosted resident-led workshops. About 200 people came together and identified community priorities:

  • Ways to keep learning.
  • Healthy food for everyone.
  • Celebrating diversity.
  • Places and ways to meet with friends and neighbors.
  • Getting around.

The Collaborative’s vision—a safe, healthy, thriving and equitable East Tacoma—is an invitation for everyone to participate.

Strengths and assets

East Tacoma is home to a variety of people, cultures and languages— and a strong network of leaders.

Portland Avenue Community Center, Eastside Family Support Center and the new Eastside Community Center provide gathering places and services for a variety of ages.

East Tacoma residents value local community gardens, trails, parks, houses of worship and ethnic markets.

What do the data say?

East Tacoma has many opportunities to improve health. 

 Outcome East Tacoma Pierce County  Washington 
 Diabetes 5.9% 10.3% 8.0%
 Tobacco use 39.3%  18.0% 14.0%
 Obesity 28.5% 30.2% 27.4%
 Asthma 19.3% 12.8% 17.0% 
 Poor mental health 11.9% 15.7% 11.7% 
 Low birth weight 8.0% 6.8% 6.0% 

Health starts where we live, learn, work, play and pray.

  • What makes East Tacoma a good place to live?
  • What would make East Tacoma a better place to live?

Together we can make East Tacoma the best place to live! Email us at