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Handwashing Trailers

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Reserve a trailer for your event.

Planning an event with lots of attendees? Help stop the spread of illness by making it easy for people to wash their hands. Reserve one of our handwash trailers, stocked with soap and paper towels. 

Use trailers at events with:

  • Food.
  • Portable restrooms.
  • Petting zoos or other activities involving animals.

To have a trailer at your event, you need:

  • A designated contact to arrange drop off, pickup and setup.
  • An assigned staff/volunteer to maintain the trailer during your event.
  • A drinkable water source within 100 feet of the trailer.
  • A location to dispose of wastewater within 100 feet of the trailer. Dispose wastewater into an approved sewage disposal system. For example, a plumbed mop sink or a manhole that drains to the sewer system. You can't dispose wastewater:
    • On the street.
    • On grass.
    • Down a storm drain.
    • In a portable toilet.