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Handwashing Trailers

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Reserve a trailer for your event.

The self-contained trailers have sinks, soap and paper towels.

Use trailers at events with:

  • Food.
  • Portable restrooms.
  • Petting zoos or other activities involving animals.

To have a trailer at your event, you need:

  • A designated contact to arrange drop off, pickup and setup.
  • An assigned staff/volunteer to maintain the trailer during your event.
  • A drinkable water source within 100 feet of the trailer.
  • A location to dispose of wastewater within 100 feet of the trailer. Dispose wastewater into an approved sewage disposal system. For example, a plumbed mop sink or a manhole that drains to the sewer system. You can't dispose wastewater:
    • On the street.
    • On grass.
    • Down a storm drain.
    • In a portable toilet.


Handwashing trailers are not available at this time. We winterize the trailers during cooler months to prevent frozen pipes. Please check back in early Spring for availability.