Mosquito biting skin

West Nile Virus

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Reduce your exposure to mosquitoes.

The State Department of Health has new results from five separate Pierce County mosquito trap sites. All samples were negative for West Nile virus. They will resample the same locations during the week of Sept. 10, but the bug experts there say mosquito season is winding down.

Routine mosquito sampling at Gog-le-hi-te Wetlands near the Port of Tacoma Aug. 14 was positive for West Nile virus. This is the first detection of the virus in mosquitoes west of the Cascades.

Mosquitoes can spread illness and make you more than just itchy. See how you can protect yourself from mosquito bites. Learn more about West Nile virus from our frequently asked questions below.

What is West Nile Virus? How it spreads. How to protect yourself.


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