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Tuberculosis (TB)

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TB population rates

Pierce County has 15-25 cases of active TB each year. Of these people, the cure rate is almost 100%. Worldwide, TB kills more people than any other infectious disease. About 2 million people a year die from TB worldwide. However, death from TB is rare in the United States with around 550 deaths each year.

Health Department tuberculosis program

We work with local partners to provide the following services:

  • Investigate all reports of suspected TB.
  • Make sure patients with active TB are isolated, treated and cured.
  • Make sure TB patients take their medication.
  • Test and treat people that are exposed to others with active TB as needed.
  • Screen new refugees and immigrants for TB and get treatment for those infected.
  • Provide testing and treatment for uninsured Pierce County residents at risk for getting TB.
  • Provide TB education to community members and healthcare workers.
  • Provide medical consultation.


Visit the CDC’s TB Prevention webpage for more information.


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