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Hepatitis Surveillance

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A data-driven effort to reduce hepatitis infection

Levels of chronic and acute viral hepatitis C are rising. New treatments are available that can cure most people. Nationally, only about 50% of people who have hepatitis C have been screened and are aware. Even fewer have had confirmatory testing and are getting care.

We are expanding our efforts to address these trends.  Our strategy includes:

  • Improving knowledge and awareness.
  • Collecting data and reporting findings.
  • Promoting screening and helping link patients to care.
  • Assessing treatment capacity in Pierce County.

From test to cure

Hepatitis C is much easier to treat than it used to be. Treatment is safe, and is recommend for most people who tests positive. 

We need your help getting the word out to patients. You can see from this graph that we’ve made progress in recent years.

Test to cure, hepatitis

If we work together, we can let people know there’s a cure and see even more dramatic improvement in Pierce County.

  • For 2010-2015: 46% of patients received RNA testing. By 2017, that jumped to 70%.
  • For 2010-2015, 57% of patients with confirmed hepatitis C were medically managed. In 2017, that rose to 76%.
  • In 2017, 12% of patients with confirmed hepatitis C were cured the year they were diagnosed. That’s way up from 2010-2015, when the number was less than 1%.