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COVID-19 Temporary Care Centers

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A place for people who can’t stay at home if they’re sick or exposed.

It is important for people who are sick with or exposed to COVID-19 to stay away from others.

To slow the spread of COVID-19, we must provide a safe place for people to stay. A temporary care center opened on April 8 on Hosmer Street in central Pierce County. 

The center will provide temporary housing for people, screened through the Health Department, who don’t have a safe space to isolate or quarantine from others.

I think I qualify. What should I do?

A healthcare provider must refer you to stay at the center.

Who are the centers for?

Pierce County residents who can’t stay in their homes (i.e. those living with people at greater risk for COVID-19 complications or those that do not have a private room ) and need:
  • Quarantine: People exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case. People are assessed for signs or symptoms of the virus. They need to be alone for 14 days to reduce any potential spread of the disease.


  • Isolation: People tested positive for the virus or have symptoms and are waiting for test results. They don’t need hospital care but must remain isolated from others so the disease doesn’t spread.


Pierce County has 2 temporary care centers. We started with Tacoma and will add additional temporary care centers if needed. As of June 30, the Tacoma center has served fewer than 30 people. We also contracted with a facility for four beds for people with acute or chronic behavioral health issues who need to isolate or quarantine.


  • Can I bring my pet with me?
  • Can I have visitors?
  • Can someone leave a temporary care center against public health advice?
  • How are people living near a temporary care center protected?
  • How did you select temporary care center locations?
  • How do I get placed at a temporary care center?
  • How long will the hotel remain a care center?
  • Is Assessment and Recovery different than Quarantine and Isolation?
  • Is there parking available?
  • Is there security at these centers?
  • What accommodations will you provide?
  • What amenities will you offer?
  • What is the difference between a Temporary Care Center and a Temporary Expansion Shelter?
  • Who pays for the temporary care centers?
  • Who will stay at the Temporary Care Centers?
  • Will the Temporary Care Center be safe to use after it's done housing our community members for assessment and recovery?
  • Will you offer on-site medical care?
  • Will you provide food to residents?