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    COVID-19 in Pierce County

    We update this page daily with new data.

We now offer two dashboards to measure COVID-19 in Pierce County and the work we are doing to slow the spread. We introduced a Safe Start dashboard June 24 and will update it every Wednesday. It measures Pierce County’s progress on the metrics required for safe reopening. Find it below.

The data on our original dashboard offers more information on COVID-19 in Pierce County.

We have reported 483 cases in the last 14 days. Our 14-day case rate per 100,000 as of yesterday is 53.5. Our average cases per day over the last 14 days as of yesterday is 34.5.

 Mobile users: Click tab at bottom of dashboard. Last updated July 3, 1:35 p.m.

 *JBLM data is no longer available.

Safe Start 

We don’t need to meet each goal below to advance through the phases of Safe Start, but we need to make progress on all of them. The state requires us to report our case rate to them with a 6-day lag to ensure accuracy. Data in the “cases” tab reflects this lag.

Use tabs at top of dashboard to view categories of data. Last updated July 1 1:35 p.m.

*JBLM data is no longer available.

Click the map below for geographic information.

We improved this map. Now, you can see cases in your neighborhood (by census tract). You can still find cases and deaths by geographic region in the table above.



Cases and deaths by age

This chart shows COVID-19's effect on each age range.

Age % Confirmed Cases Deaths  % Deaths  % Pierce County Population
0-19 years 6.1%  0 0%  26.3%
20-29 years 19.7%  1 1.1%  13.6%
30-39 years 16.0%  0 0%  13.4%
40-49 years 16.3%  1 1.1%  12.4%
50-59 years 17.4%  4 4.4%  13.0%
60-69 years 11.6%  15 16.7%  11.6%
70-79 years 6.8%  24 26.7%
80+ years 6.0%  45 50.0%  3.1%

Cases and deaths by sex

This chart shows COVID-19's effect on each sex.

Sex % Confirmed Cases Deaths   % Deaths % Pierce County Population
Female 52.3%  43 47.78% 50.8%
Male 47.2%  47 52.81% 49.2%
Unknown 0.5%  0 0% 0%

Cases and deaths by race/ethnicity

This chart shows COVID-19's effect on race/ethnicity groups. We added number of confirmed cases by race/ethnicity. 

We update this chart each Wednesday by 2 p.m. Last updated July 1 at 1:40 p.m.

Race/Ethnicity Confirmed Cases  % Confirmed Cases Deaths  % Deaths   % Pierce County Population
American Indian/Alaska Native 41 2.1% 1 1.3% 1.1%
Asian 136
6.8% 3 3.8% 7.0%
Black or African American 235 11.8% 5 6.3% 7.1%
Hispanic 389 19.6% 7 8.9% 11.0%
Multiple Race 28 1.4% 0 0% 6.6%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 111 5.6% 3 3.8% 1.6%
White 1048 52.7% 60 75.9% 65.6%

Patients aren’t required to report race/ethnicity, so this data is not a complete picture. The rates are based on the 77% of cases and 89% of deaths for which we have race/ethnicity data.

We don’t know what testing rates are for each group. Differing testing rates could greatly affect the rate of confirmed cases. Three groups—Black or African American, Hispanic and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander—appear to be affected at higher rates. 

The pandemic’s social and economic effects harm the health of many people not diagnosed with COVID-19. Our 2015 health equity assessment found communities of color and immigrant communities often:

  • Make less money.
  • Work jobs with fewer benefits.
  • Are more vulnerable to social and economic changes.

This data does not reflect those effects. 

Key takeaways about disparities

  • The cumulative COVID-19 rate among Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (NHOPI) residents is 4.8 times higher than the white, non-Hispanic rate in Pierce County. NHOPI cases account for 6% of total cases compared to 1.6% of the county population.
  • Rates among Hispanic, Black and Native American residents are 2-3 times higher than the rate among white, non-Hispanic residents.
  • Evidence suggests people who earn less money, are less educated, or have limited ability to speak English are at higher risk for COVID-19.

Deaths by category

This chart shows more information about COVID-19 deaths in Pierce County. You can see the number of deaths and the percent of total deaths for each category.

We update this chart each Wednesday by 2 p.m. Last updated June 24 at 2:15 p.m.

Category Deaths % Deaths
Hospitalized 53 58.9%
Lived or Worked in a Care Facility 60 66.7%
Had Underlying Health Conditions 88 97.8%

Cases in healthcare workers

As many as 343 confirmed COVID-19 cases (15.8% of total cases) in Pierce County are healthcare workers. These cases are already reflected in the overall case count we update each day.

Healthcare workers can be clinical (medical) or non-clinical (administrative) staff working in a medical or care facility. One healthcare worker may work at multiple facilities. While healthcare workers' jobs put them at higher risk for infection, they are also more likely to have been tested than people in other kinds of jobs.

We update this chart each Wednesday by 2 p.m. Last updated July 1 at 1:50 p.m.

Healthcare Worker Confirmed Cases
Care facility 193
Other medical facility 185

Cases in care facilities

This chart shows the number of COVID-19 cases in staff and residents of Pierce County care facilities. These numbers do not necessarily represent active cases in care facilities and are already reflected in the overall case count we update each day. 

We also added facility name, address and number of positive cases to our census tract map above.

A staff person could work at multiple facilities and be counted as a case at each facility.

To protect patient privacy, we created an Other category. It includes facilities with less than 10 cases or less than 30 beds. It also includes homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters and rehabilitation centers.

 We update this chart each Wednesday by 2 p.m. Last updated July 1 at 1:40 p.m.

Pierce County Care Facility Confirmed Cases Among Residents and Staff Geographic Area
Alpha Cottages (Gibraltar Assisted Living)* 36 Central Pierce County
Avamere Puget Sound Transitional Care* 31 Tacoma
Heartwood Extended Health Care* 70 Tacoma
Linden Grove 72 Puyallup

Orchard Park Health and Rehab Center*

23 Tacoma
People's Retirement Center* 19 Tacoma

Pioneer Place Memory Haven*

15 Central Pierce County
Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community 10  Tacoma
The Cottages at Edgewood* 14 Edgewood/Fife/Milton
University Place Care Center 41 University Place
Other 209 Multiple
*These facilities have not reported any new positives in the last 28 days.


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