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We help you keep it clean.

Healthy septic systems are good for your family, your wallet, and the environment. With just a few simple steps, you can protect your septic—and avoid costly repairs. Your groundwater and Puget Sound lakes, rivers, and beaches benefit, too!

What is a septic system?

A tank and drain field treats what you flush or send down drains.

A maintained septic system keeps you and the environment healthy and helps:

  • Reduce the risk of people getting sick from untreated sewage.
  • Reduce the risk of contaminating groundwater and surface water.
  • Save you money and extend the life of your system.

Our role is to:

  • Work with septic system professionals to approve system design, location and installation.
  • Educate property owners to make sure their septic system gets proper maintenance.

What are the regulations?


Have questions? We have answers!

Contact us at ehsepticsystems@tpchd.org or (253) 798-6470.