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Mount Rainier and Tacoma Dome

Learn how you can improve air quality.

10 ways to improve air quality and protect your health:

  1. Sign up for burn ban alerts and abide by them. Know when air quality conditions become stagnant!
  2. Burn seasoned, dry wood to release the least possible amount of smoke. Avoid:
    • Wet wood—It produces a lot of smoke and won’t burn efficiently.
    • Treated or painted wood—It will produce very toxic chemicals if burned.
    • Burning cardboard or papers you want to get rid of—Recycle instead.
  3. Dispose of yard clippings properly—Outdoor burning is illegal in most of Pierce County.
  4. Take a break from the driver’s seat when possible—Public transit, carpool, biking or walking can be an enjoyable way to reduce emissions.
  5. Combine errands to save gas—Reduce exhaust fumes if you need to drive.
  6. Don’t idle if you don’t need to—Be aware of how often you are sitting in an idling car and switch it off. (School drop-off zones, railway crossings, ferry lines, even long red lights). For more information see I Turn It Off.
  7. Slow down when you drive and keep a consistent foot on the gas—Speeding and slamming on your brakes wastes fuel.
  8. Keep your vehicle’s engine and tire pressure in top condition—A well-maintained vehicle produces less pollution.
  9. Avoid garden tools that run on gasoline—A push or electric mower doesn’t pollute like a gas mower.
  10. Be mindful of spillage when filling your gas tank.