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Safe Drinking Water

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Protect your water supply—enjoy good health.

Clean water promotes good public health. Everyone deserves to have a safe and reliable source of drinking water. To make sure water from the tap is safe, we permit, regulate, educate and consult with:

  • Water systems.
  • Industry professionals.
  • Property owners.
  • Businesses.

Where does my water come from?

If you live in a city or town, your water likely comes from a large municipal water system. Residents—outside city limits—get water from small water systems or individual wells.

Types of water systems.

Individual well:

  • One well serving a single family home.

Public water system:

  • A system serving more than one household.
  • A system serving a commercial establishment (school, park, church, business, etc.)
  • Large water systems (Group A)
    • Serves 15 or more connections.
    • Serves population greater than 25.
  • Small water systems (Group B)
    • Serves 2-14 connections.
    • Serves population less than 25.

How do I find out about my water system?

  • Check your water bill (name, phone number.)
  • Ask your neighbors.
  • Click Data and Records box below.
  • Contact us.