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You’ve Got This! A Life-Transforming Partnership for Lower Income First-Time Moms

Photo of Maternal and Child Outreach Program Manager Susan Pfeifer
by Susan Pfeifer12/27/2017 10:30 a.m.
Updated: 01/04/2019

Last winter 18 year old “Amanda” was homeless and had just learned she was pregnant.

Because of the rules of the homeless shelter where she was staying, Amanda spent daytime hours walking throughout Tacoma with her teen boyfriend until she could return in the evening.

Shelter staff contacted a Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Maternal Child Outreach Team member. The team member met with Amanda to understand her needs and link her with available resources. Those resources included getting enrollment in the Health Department’s Nurse-Family Partnership program that connected her with a specially trained nurse.

Through the program, Amanda received ongoing home visits from early in her pregnancy until the child’s second birthday. The nationally recognized, research proven model program follows a robust protocol with curriculum and tools leading to program goals of improved birth outcomes, improved child health and development and very importantly, improved economic self-sufficiency of the family.

Learning to identify goals and strategies to reach them, the mother and nurse develop a trusting bond. Our work with mothers who are pregnant for the first time leads to positive health and development behaviors. Rand Corporation reported NFP returns $5.70 for every dollar the community invests in the program.

Today Amanda and her boyfriend are married, and Amanda continues to breastfeed their very healthy baby.

Working with her NFP nurse, Amanda and her family have secured temporary but stable housing. Amanda’s husband works and has enrolled in community college, while she cares for their baby and explores her educational options. Amanda also continues to meet regularly with her NFP nurse.

Learn more about the NFP program. See a short video of Nurse Family Partnership nurse Kindra and new mom Deanna.


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Photo of Maternal and Child Outreach Program Manager Susan Pfeifer

by Susan Pfeifer

Susan makes sure moms and their new babies get a healthy start.


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