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Transform the Norm: Smoke-Free Housing in Pierce County

Photo of Health Promotion Coordinator George Hermosillo
by George Hermosillo12/18/2017 12:00 a.m.
Updated: 01/04/2019
Smoke Free Housing program helps apartment dwellers breathe easier and live healthier.
Even if you don’t choose to smoke, you can still experience poor health effects when you live in housing that’s not smoke free.
Secondhand smoke from cigarettes, marijuana and e-cigarette vapor can drift through shared ventilation systems and under doorways. Exposure to secondhand smoke can adversely affect the health of tenants.
When we live in housing that’s smoke-free, we breathe air that’s healthier. Multi-family housing units with smoke-free housing policies in place reduce tenant exposure to secondhand smoke and promote health.
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department established our Smoke Free Housing (SFH) Program in 2012 to increase availability and access to smoke-free housing. We work with apartment communities to voluntarily create smoke-free policy changes. Participants get free signage and promotion on our website.
We recognize Smoke Free Housing communities with three award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. For example, Simon Hills apartments in Edgewood opened its doors at the Gold level—a 100 % smoke free apartment community where you are not allowed to smoke anywhere on the property.
More than 650 properties participate in the SFH Program. Participating properties spend a small amount of time to enforce no-smoking policies, and tenant turnover is minimal.
Angel, a resident in an apartment with a no smoking policy, said, “Having asthma, second hand smoke hurts my chest and gives me headaches.” Now when I look for somewhere to live, I look for smoke-free housing.”
In 2017, Dobler Management Inc.—one of the largest Pierce County property management companies—created smoke-free polices for each of its 62 properties.
Are you interested in living smoke-free? Check out the registry and learn more.

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Photo of Health Promotion Coordinator George Hermosillo

by George Hermosillo

George helps Pierce County residents breathe easier through his work to expand our Smoke-Free Housing Registry.


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