We are in Safe Start Phase 2. Read our press release.

Questions about COVID-19? Visit our COVID-19 pages.

We suspended most in-person services. Read our blog post.

  • TPCHD Mask Rotator

    No mask. No service.

    The Secretary of Health said starting July 7, businesses can't serve customers unless they wear face coverings. Learn More >

  • View of Mt. Rainier and the Tacoma Dome with a blue color overlay.

    We are in Phase 2.

    Pierce County approved to move to Safe Start Phase 2. Learn More >

  • View of Tacoma Dome and skyline with wildfire smoke in the air.

    Protect yourself from wildfire smoke.

    Smoke could make COVID-19 symptoms worse—or even increase risk of infection. Learn More >

  • Small network pattern circles with blue overlay


    What you need to know to protect your health. Learn More >

  • gloved hands with knife chopping romaine lettuce

    Meals for students.

    Find school meal distribution sites near you during the COVID-19 closures. Learn More >

  • A man's two hands covered in soap suds at a sink with the water running

    Basic hygiene is your best defense.

    Wash your hands and cover your coughs to protect against COVID-19. Learn More >

  • A happy mom sits with three young children.

    Raise positive kids with Triple P.

    No matter your experiences, you can be positive for your children. Learn More >

  • Two women sit by a window one with her hand on the other's shoulder

    Prevent chronic diseases.

    The role community health workers play to connect you to resources. Learn More >

  • Symptoms of Hep A: Fatigue, fever; Nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, no appetite, dark pee, pale poop, & diarrhea.

    Concerned about hepatitis A?

    The virus can spread easily and cause severe liver disease. You can take steps to prevent it. Learn More >

  • A woman and a man sit together on a bench smiling while they eat grapes.

    Say no to norovirus!

    It’s more common this time of year and spreads easily. But you can prevent it. Learn More >

  • A collage of photos that represent people of many backgrounds

    Begin the journey to recovery today.

    Opioid use disorder affects people from all backgrounds. Meds First offers the right treatment at the right time and right place. Learn More >

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We suspended most in-person services at our office.

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