• A close up of a storm drain with melting snow around it

    Keep dry during flooding.

    Storm drains might be clogged with snow and ice. If safe to do so, clear them to reduce standing water. Learn More >

  • Small network pattern circles with blue overlay

    Stay safe when the lights go out.

    What you should do if you lose power at home or a food establishment, plus find other emergency tips. Learn More >

  • Charcoal grill with food on it outdoors

    Keep grills and generators outside.

    If you lose power, use grills and generators outdoors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Learn More >

  • Face of young boy with measles

    Protect your kids from measles.

    MMR vaccines are your best defense. They're available free for kids, including those 5 and under. Learn More >

  • A man's two hands covered in soap suds at a sink with the water running

    Good hand hygiene helps public health.

    Soap, water, and 20 seconds go a long way to stop the spread of disease. Learn More >

  • Children eating fruit on a picnic blanket at a park

    Reach your full health potential.

    You have opportunities for good health where you live, learn, work, and play. Learn More >

  • Woman with child brushing teeth both smiling

    Families thrive in Pierce County.

    You have fair opportunities to make healthy choices where you live, learn, work, and play. Learn More >

  • Abandoned Well with standing water

    Is there an old well on your property?

    Learn how to look for them and what to do to keep pets and people safe. Learn More >

  • Woman's hands typing on keyboard.

    Apply and pay online.

    Submit food, septic, water and other applications anytime, anywhere. Learn More >

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