• DEA takeback day

    Don't be the dealer.

    Return your unused prescriptions to one of 42 kiosk drop-off locations. Learn More >

  • Condoms rotator

    Youth HIV is preventable.

    HIV is too common among young people. You can join the fight. Learn More >

  • View of Tacoma Dome and skyline with wildfire smoke in the air.

    Expect hotter and smokier summers.

    What you can do to protect against the health challenges. Learn More >

  • Man using cell phone on bench outside

    The fight against TB goes hi-tech.

    How we use medicine plus cell phones and laptops to treat patients. Learn More >

  • Secure medicine rotator

    Turn in unused medicine.

    Changes are coming to the secure medicine return plan. We want to hear from you first. Learn More >

  • Key Peninsula rotator

    Reaching rural communities.

    We connect people with services they need in places like Key Peninsula and White River. Learn More >

  • Family health rotator

    Focus on families, reduce violence.

    We work to reduce violence in our county by strengthening families and communities. Learn More >

  • Social connections three generations at a park

    Social connections extend your life.

    Loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking and obesity. Learn More >

  • Emergency Room Sign for hospital rotator

    Does flu mean a trip to the ER?

    Take the flu very seriously, but emergency rooms aren't always the answer. Learn More >

  • A man's two hands covered in soap suds at a sink with the water running

    Keep norovirus at bay.

    Many cases of norovirus happen during the winter months. Know the symptoms, and what to do if you get sick. Learn More >

  • Prescription medication on a table with the Rx prescription abbreviation

    Are you struggling with addiction?

    Find resources here to support your journey to recovery. Learn More >

  • The Vital Records Office with self-serve kiosks and instructional signage.

    Welcome to one-stop shopping.

    The Pierce County Annex and Health Department are working better together to make getting what you need even easier. Learn More >

  • Face of young boy with measles

    Protect your kids from measles.

    MMR vaccines are your best defense. They're available free for kids, including those 5 and under. Learn More >

  • Woman's hands typing on keyboard.

    Apply and pay online.

    Submit food, septic, water and other applications anytime, anywhere. Learn More >

A better way to get your food-worker card.

Our revamped online class offers several great changes, including the ability to take the test on your phone.

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