• A person washing their hands with soap in a sink.

    Be jolly, not germy!

    Handwashing saves lives. Scrub up and keep your family healthy for the holidays. Learn More >

  • Doctor converses with man and woman in exam room

    Up your antibiotic awareness.

    Know when antibiotics are the right tool for the job. Learn More >

  • A gloved hand injects a syringe into a person's shoulder.

    It's time to get your flu shot.

    Last flu season in Pierce County, 42 people died and 671 were hospitalized. Make the flu shot a fall tradition. Learn More >

  • Vape rotator

    Know the facts about vaping.

    There's an outbreak of deaths and illnesses related to vaping. Help stop the harmful message that it's a safe alternative to smoking. Learn More >

  • Chest X-ray rotator

    Get the facts about TB.

    Learn about tuberculosis, how it spreads, and how to protect yourself. Learn More >

  • Food safety rotator

    Stay healthy when you go out to eat.

    Our inspectors are at work every day in food establishments across the county. Learn More >

  • Sexual Health Month rotator

    Achieve true sexual health.

    The first thing that usually comes to mind with sexual health is STDs. But that's not close to the full story. Learn More >

  • Owen Beach

    Keep lives healthy a long time.

    27% of Pierce County 10th graders considered suicide in the past year. Help our youth be hopeful, not hopeless. Learn More >

  • A collage of photos that represent people of many backgrounds

    Begin the journey to recovery today.

    Opioid use disorder affects people from all backgrounds. Meds First offers the right treatment at the right time and right place. Learn More >

Positive relationships lead to happy children and strong adults.

The Positive Parenting Program—or Triple P—is a great way to learn new tips and get advice to build positive relationships with your children.

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