Training and Resources

We offer training on multiple topics, including quality improvement methods and tools, performance management approaches, and program evaluation methods and tools. Below are complimentary webinars that provide brief tutorials and overviews of some of these subjects given by our staff.

Examples of training include:

Quality improvement tools and methods.
Due to the large file size, it may take one to two minutes to download each tutorial.

  1. Introduction to Quality Management
  2. Cause-Effect diagrams
  3. Flow Charting
  4. Line Charts
  5. Introduction to Analysis for Quality Improvement
  6. Data Collection and Stratification
  7. Pareto Charts and Diagrams
  8. Histograms
  9. Scatter Plots
  10. Box and Whisker Plot
  11. Affinity Diagram
  12. Inter-relationship Diagraph
  13. Quality Planning Overview
  14. Meeting Management Tips 101
  15. Group Process Decision Making

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