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Flu is NOT Good for Business

Don't let a preventable illness hurt your bottom line.

Studies show a person with influenza can lose up to 5.9 days from work. In the U.S., this adds up to 75 million lost working days each year and annual lost productivity of an estimated $6.2 billion, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

An annual flu vaccination can help keep workers healthy during flu season.

CDCfluBusinessEmployers Can Help

  • Encourage employees to get vaccinated.
  • Give incentives to employees to be vaccinated (like time off to get a flu shot or prizes).
  • Provide a flu shot clinic at the worksite- Vaccine Providers will travel to your worksite.
    • Makes it easy and convenient for your workers to get a flu vaccine.
    • Employees are more likely to get flu vaccine if it is offered at work.

Stay Well in the Workplace

  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbow.
  • Provide facial tissues for employees and visitors or customers.
  • Provide hand sanitizer for employers and visitors or customers.
  • Don't go to work when you are sick.


Information for Businesses and Employees

Immunization Providers

Immunization Toolkit

Worksite Immunization (Brochure)

Workplace Vaccination Providers

These vaccine providers will travel to your worksite to provide flu shots.

Flu Shot Providers