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HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common infection. It is spread easily by skin to skin contact. Some HPV infections can lead to cervical and anal cancers, as well as other cancers. The good news is that most of these types of cancers can be prevented.

Doctors recommend the HPV vaccine for both boys and girls age 11-12.

The HPV vaccine protects against the most common cancers caused by HPV. Doctors recommend the vaccine for preteen boys and girls at age 11 or 12 before they begin sexual activity. However, if your teen hasn’t received the vaccine, it is not too late. Talk to their doctor about getting the vaccine for them as soon as possible.

HPV Vaccine is Free

Washington provides all recommended vaccines at no cost for kids through age 18, and they’re available from health care providers across the state. Although health care providers may charge an office-visit fee and an administration fee for the vaccine, a family that can’t afford to pay can ask that the administration fee be waived.

Under the Affordable Care Act, nearly all health insurance plans cover HPV vaccine at no cost.

Parents are the key to protecting adolescents from HPV cancers. 

Talk with your child’s doctor about the HPV vaccine. Make an appointment today.

    Protect yourself against cancer-causing HPC infections by
    getting vaccinated with three doses of HPV vaccine.

    Protect yourself against cancer-causing HPV infections by getting vaccinated with three doses of the HPV vaccine. Currently there are two vaccines available to prevent the HPV types that cause most cervical and anal cancers. The vaccine has been approved for youth and young adults ages 9 through 26. Listen to a short podcast about how the HPV vaccine prevents cancer. HPV

    Vaccine Schedule
    1st dose
    2nd dose (2 months after 1st dose is given)
    3rd dose (4 months after 2nd dose is given)

    All three doses are needed for full protection.

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