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Immunization is the best way to protect yourself and your family against many dangerous diseases.

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The children's immunization calendar may change frequently. Please check back on a regular basis for the most up-to-date information.

Your insurance company will be billed an administration fee for the vaccine. If your insurance company does not cover the administrative fee or you have no insurance, you will not be billed.

The Health Department does not provide immunizations. Find immunization locations below.

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Note: Immunization schedule may change due to circumstances. Please check back frequently for updates and call ahead to confirm with clinics.

Franciscan mobile has permanently closed.  

  • March 2017 Calendar (Updated 3/14/17) 
  • April 2017 Calendar

A complete list of immunization requirements is available at the following Web pages:

Child Vaccine Schedule:

Need your family's immunization records?

Multicare Mobile Immunization Web Page

Free immunizations for uninsured/underinsured adults.

  Updated 02/2017

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Children's Immunization Information

Immunization protects children from many dangerous diseases. It's never too late to catch up on immunizations. Your child can be immunized even if they have a minor illness; the immunization will be effective and will not make your child's illness worse.

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department partners with MultiCare Health System; Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Health Center; and Pierce County Immunization Coalition to provide free children's immunizations.

Adults' Immunization Information

To find vaccines in your area, place your zip code in below, then select go.


It is important to keep your immunizations current throughout your lifetime.

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Travel Immunization Information

Worksite Flu Immunization

Information, resources, and a list of providers

Healthcare Providers and Staff

Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program forms have moved to a new VFC Program page. If you are a VFC Program provider and you use a bookmark to access this page, please update your bookmark to take you to the new VFC Program page.

Immunization Toolkit for Washington State School and Childcares

The Miracle of Vaccines

A panel of survivors tells their life changing stories of their battles with vaccine preventable disease.

  • Charles Stafford Loveland tells his story of how POLIO shaped and has forever changed his life.
  • Tina Jenson tells the tragic story of her daughter's death from H1N1 PANDEMIC FLU.
  • Leslie Miegs and her fight to live and her lifelong battle with MENINGOCOCCAL DISEASE (part 1).
  • Leslie Miegs and her fight to live and her lifelong battle with MENINGOCOCCAL DISEASE (part 2).