Environmental Health Applications and Forms

General Forms and Applications
Administrative Hearing/Appeal to the Health Officer
Variance or Waiver Request
Variance/Waiver Request Addendum
Refund Request

Closed Landfills
2010 Closed Landfill Report

Healthy Home Environments

Searching for a Healthy Home
Healthy Actions

Infectious Waste Management
Guidelines on Infectious Waste Disposal in Pierce County
Infectious Waste Management Application
Infectious Waste Management Plan, Policy, and Procedures
Spill Report Information Sheet
Self Inspection Form

Meth Lab Cleanup
Cleanup Process for Meth Labs
How to Hire a Cleanup Contractor
Contaminated Properties Request for Hearing

Platting/Binding Site Plan/Boundary Line Adjustment - Now Available Online!
Plat/Land Division Submittal Standards
Plat/Land Division FAQs
Boundary Line Adjustment FAQs
Plat/Land Division Submittal Checklist and Application
Certificate of Water Availability

Recycling/Reducing/Waste Disposal
Recycling Use Oil
Tire Disposal
Asbestos Disposal Guidelines for the Tacoma Landfill
Asbestos Disposal Guidelines for Pierce County
Green Cleaning Kit
Common Items Around the Home and How to Dispose of Them
Waste Disposal Authorization
Waste Disposal Authorization Analysis
Solid Waste Permit Application
Solid Waste Handling Permit Renewal Application
Application for Modification of Solid Waste Handling Permit

Safe Shellfish Harvest Guide
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP)
Gathering Safe Shellfish

South Tacoma Groundwater Protection District
Guidelines and Performance Standards
Spill Prevention and Management Plan
Permit Application

Toxic Algae
Health Risks of Toxic Algae

Drinking Water
Individual Well Guide & Application
Public Well Guide & Application - Now Available Online!
Water Availability Letter
Public Water System Resource List
Well Decommissioning Application & Guidelines
Certificate of Water Availability
Water Source Inspection for Remodel Application
Water System Updates Changes - Now Available Online!
Water Supply Adequacy for Temporary Event - Now Available Online!
Individual Water Supply Review for Real Estate - Now Available Online!
Public Water Supply Review for Real Estate - Now Available Online!
Water Sample Request - Now Available Online!
Group B New Water System - Now Available Online!
Group B Existing Non-Expanding Water System - Now Available Online!
Group B Expanding Water System - Now Available Online!
Water Adequacy for Food Establishment - Now Available Online!
Water Adequacy for Childcare - Now Available Online!

Septic (On-Site) Systems
On-Site Sewage Development Guide and Application - Now Available Online!
Certified Installation Firms
On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Designers and Engineers
Septic System Service Companies
Record Drawing Application
Record Drawing Request
Application for Report of System Status
Operation & Maintenance Application
Installer Backfill Notification/Verification
Septic/Pump Tank Decommissioning Certification
Change of Designer Request
Requirements for Remodel Applications
In-Home Child Care Information and Application

Underground Storage Tanks
Application for Removal/Abandonment Permit
Application Process Guidelines
Content and Form Requirements for UST Site Assessment/Tank Closure Report