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February is National Children's Dental Health Month

January 20, 2011

Although we focus our attention on the children this month, let us also focus on everyone to be aware of our dental health. Take the time to look at your own teeth, 'check your smile', and if you have not made an appointment to go and visit your family dentist, please do so soon.

Dental Health/Oral Health is the 'gateway' to your bodies' health! 'You cannot have good health, without good oral health', states former Surgeon General David Satcher. We often 'put off' our visits to the dentist because we do not place oral health as a 'life threatening' health issue, like we do other health issues that can debilitate our movement or quality of life.

Tooth decay can limit you. It can cause severe pain upon eating and drinking, the jagged edges can sometimes cut your tongue, it causes bad breath, and if the infection is left for a long period, bacteria from the infection can travel through the blood stream and cause more serious events. Tooth Decay and gum disease can aggravate heart problems, and is known to have affects on low birth weights in babies from expectant moms.  

Tooth Loss is also important to replace. Tooth loss can cause your speech to suffer, your teeth can migrate, and biting your cheek and tongue become escalated. The loss of teeth can also affect your appearance overall.

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime! Take care of yours from an early age and your quality of life can be the best due to your ability to eat well, chew your food well, speak well and smile.

Start your babies and children on an early path of good dental health and nutrition. It is up to you to help them control dental decay from what you provide for them.  The guidance that you give to them, as well as how you teach them about their oral health will help them to keep their teeth for years.  In these hard economic times, it is so much easier to take the time and 'prevent' rather than spend the money to 'fix' and 'correct' the problems of dental disease later.

'Smile' a lot, it looks good on you!

During the month of February, here are some activities and services in Pierce County that our residents can participate in:

February 5th ? Pierce County Dental Society, Dental Health Day, South Hill Mall, 10am-2pm (Dental Services will also be provided for children that need emergency care).  See the linked flyer for more information.

February 14-28th ?ABCD Dental Health classes for WIC at Bethel FSC & Oral Health Service Site. For more information contact Amanda Odom at (253) 798-4720.

February 26th ? Dental Health Associates, 6001 100th St. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499, 9:00am until 3:00pm, sealants, fluoride varnish, fillings, oral hygiene consults and extractions ? no appts necessary! All uninsured children to age 18 are welcome! Questions? Call (253) 582-5050 All services are free of charge!

All Year long ? not just February, Pierce County Dental Society/American Dental Association is promoting a program called, 'Give Kids a Smile'; all services will be provided for children who are uninsured. Call (253) 798-6579 or (253) 798-4720 for an application.

Pierce County Dentists Care: Gratis Dental services provided by volunteer members of the Pierce County Dental Society to low income residents who qualify under their financial guidelines. To qualify, submit the information of the person to the Oral Health Program, Amanda Odom at (253) 798-4720, or call (253) 798-6044 for additional dental health resources.

Finally, don't miss the Oral Health Forum, Friday March 4, 2011, 8am-1pm at Evergreen College, Tacoma Campus: Washington State Oral Health, 'A Report for Pierce County'.

Check your community calendars for additional Dental Health Events!

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