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Chlamydia Prevention PSA Contest Winners Announced

June 3, 2010

| TACOMA | June 3, 2010| Six students from Emerald Ridge High School (Jesse, Michael, Nick, Reese, Sierra, and Stephanie) submitted Chlamydia Prevention, the winning public service announcement (PSA) video. Students in several high school classrooms reviewed the top submissions, and Chlamydia Prevention lead with the most student votes.

BlindSight Media Arts, Pierce County Antibiotic Resistance Task Force and the Health Department sponsored this video contest. It was open to all 9th through 12th graders attending school in Pierce County. Individual students, student clubs, athletic teams, organizations, or classes were encouraged to participate.

Jesse, Michael, Nick, Reese, Sierra, and Stephanie received their award certificates and iPod Shuffles at the Health Department Board of Health meeting on June 2, 2009, after the video was viewed by the Board. Many thanks to Glen Parker from BlindSight Media Arts for taking the time to meet with the youth after the presentation and give professional videography feedback. 

To view Chlamydia Prevention, the winning video click here.

Check our website for other competitive opportunities for Pierce County students.

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