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Fines Waived in May for Late Pet Licensing

May 4, 2010

Pierce County - Has your pet's license expired? May is Pet License Amnesty Month, which means residents in the towns of Wilkeson, South Prairie, Carbonado and in unincorporated Pierce County can license their pets without penalty.

"The Pierce County Auditor's Office is waiving late fees and past-due amounts to encourage residents to get their pets licensed," said Auditor Julie Anderson. "It's never been easier to license your pet. You can obtain a license online, by mail or in person at our office. Our goal is to increase the number of dogs and cats licensed. A pet license provides identification and improves public safety. It's also the law."

Animals Services for Pierce County is a division of the Auditor's Office. The division provides animal control and pet license services throughout unincorporated Pierce County and to the towns of Wilkeson, South Prairie and Carbonado.

"A license lets people know that your pet is a cherished member of your family and a license is often your pet's ticket home," said Tim Anderson, Animal Control Manager. "When animal control picks up a pet wearing a license we make every attempt to return the pet home, saving the owner a trip to the shelter and impound fees."

Licensing fees range from $5 to $55, depending on whether the type of pet and whether it has been spayed or neutered.

The amnesty program expires May 31. Failure to license a pet on time can result in late fees up to $20 per animal, as well as a fine of $120.

More information is available by visiting or calling the Auditor's Licensing Division at (253) 798-7445.

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