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Expansion of Flu Clinics Make H1N1 Vaccination More Accessible

January 28, 2010

In an effort to get more Pierce County residents vaccinated against the H1N1 (Swine Flu) influenza, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department is expanding the number of H1N1 clinics offered at the Health Department and within the community.

Beginning January 29, 2009, the Health Department has hired a contractor to hold three free vaccination clinics per week at their main building at 3629 South D Street in Tacoma. The schedule will be as follows: Mondays from 2-6 PM, Wednesdays from 10-6 PM and Fridays from 2-6 PM, until further notice.

Additionally, the Health Department is working with an independent contractor to schedule and conduct several free flu clinics in the Pierce County community. Confirmed clinics to date include:

Carbonado School
02/05/2010 1-3 PM
(open to students only)

Carbonado Fire Department
02/05/2010 4-7 PM
(open to the public)

"Having a free H1N1 clinic in Carbonado will provide a good opportunity for the residents in our town to get vaccinated," says Carbonado Mayor, Richie Morgan. "It's a good idea as a local clinic makes it easy and convenient. We encourage other cities and towns to offer a free H1N1 flu clinic to their community."

Vaccination is the best protection against H1N1. Flu season is expected to continue through March. Swine Flu vaccination is available to anyone 6 months of age and older while supplies last. Children under 10 need two doses of vaccine as one dose is less effective against the virus. Children under 10 years of age who are due for their second vaccinations are requested to bring their vaccination record.

The Health Department offers Swine Flu prevention and other information, including upcoming clinics, on its web site. Go to and click on H1N1. People also can e-subscribe on the web site to public health news to receive H1N1 updates. To schedule a free H1N1 clinic in your community, please contact LaShawn Jones ( or Kim Ingram ( at the Health Department.

Kirsten Frandsen, PHIO, (253) 798-3540 or

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