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When Can I Expect to Get Vaccine?

October 14, 2009

| TACOMA | October 14, 2009 | In Pierce County, medical offices that have requested and been approved to receive injectable H1N1 vaccine, are expected to have it in their offices by the second week of November or earlier.

Each medical office will determine how it will notify their patients that vaccine has arrived. Medical offices will vary on how they administer the vaccine, through walk-in clinics or by appointment.

There will be public vaccination clinics for people without insurance. Those clinics are expected to be held soon after November 10th. When exact dates, times and locations for getting the H1N1 vaccine are known, that information will be announced on this line.

Check our website, and local newspapers for updates. Information changes often, so check these resources regularly. For downloadable fact sheets and other resources visit our H1N1page.

Vaccine is expected to be available in most commercial pharmacies such as Fred Meyer, Safeway and others sometime in late October or early November.

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