No Resets, Vape is No Game

The number of youth using tobacco products and e-cigarettes is increasing rapidly, with the industry spending billions on advertising. According to the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey, 23% of Pierce County 12th graders and 20% of 10th graders used e-cigarettes in 2014.

What is the "No Resets" Campaign?

"No Resets" is a multi- media campaign targeting youth and young adults created to:
  • Increase awareness of risks associated with e-cigarettes and vapor products.
  • Decrease the number of young people who start using tobacco and vapor products.

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  • Learn facts about alternative tobacco products.
  • Earn promotional gear: t-shirts, ear buds, chargers, chapstick and more.
  • Share pictures and comments on our page.
Participate in the campaign by:
  • Downloading 11 x 1 7 campaign posters (Dragon, Magic, and Robots)
  • Order promotional materials.
  • Liking us on Facebook.
  • Hosting an event to promote the No Resets campaign at your organization.

Youth, young adults, schools and organizations who are interested in promoting the campaign or participating in events should contact Jessica Alvestad at (253) 377-4242 or

Did you know?

  • E-cigarettes often contain nicotine, a highly toxic and additive substance.
  • Nicotine negatively affects brain development in youth.
  • E-cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, lead and nickel (all cancer-causing agents).
  • E-cigarettes are marketed directly to youth. The e-liquid comes in may color and candy-like flavors such as bubble-gum, gummy bear, cotton candy etc. that appeal to youth.

*NEW* E-Cig and Vapor Toolkit - An Educational Guide for Prevention

Learn more about alternative tobacco products at the following websites: