Alternative Tobacco Project

Do youth in your community use alternative tobacco products like e-cigarettes, hookah, chew and cigarillos? Do you work with youth? Are you looking for a group project?  We have an opportunity for you! Help educate youth and the community about the risks of alternative tobacco products. 

Goals of Project

  1. Increase youth's knowledge about the risks of alternative tobacco products.
  2. Decrease the amount of youth who start using nicotine products.

Project Requirements

  • Have an adult lead.
  • Complete the Project Proposal form.
  • Plan and implement project.
  • Present project and showcase your work!

Project Types

  • Create an educational video.
  • Complete activities (demonstration, role play, etc.)
  • Develop presentations (for community leaders, adults, peer, etc.)
  • Peer to peer education
  • Create a media campaign
  • Design your own project
Topic Choices

  • Alternative tobacco (Hookah, cigarillos, chew, cigars, etc.)
  • Tobacco marketing (Point of sale, targeting youth, community store assessments)
  • E-cigs/vapes (Educating on risks, advocating for stricter policies, etc.)

Health Department Assistance

  • Provide educational materials and training about tobacco and alternative products.
  • Provide technical assistance.
  • Supply snacks and other materials.
  • Host a celebration for all completed projects.

Contact Jessica Alvestad at for more information.