Pregnancy and Parenting

Providing quality resources for our community is an important part of public health, for example:

Family Planning and Pregnancy Options: Looking for birth control or think you may be pregnant? If you don't have a healthcare provider, medical insurance, or if you want confidential services, we can help you find a clinic that offers free or low-cost family planning services.

Nurse Family Partnership: The Nurse Family Partnership Program is designed to teach young, first-time mothers how to take care of themselves during pregnancy and also how to care for their new babies.

Pierce County Breastfeeding Alliance: The Pierce County Breastfeeding Alliance is a networking group, committed to seeking out and sharing information among health professionals and community members that have contact with families in their childbearing years.

Family Support Centers: Is critical to the health of families and to prevent child abuse and neglect. Family Support Centers provide in-home visits to help parents meet the needs of their family.

Maternal Child Health: The program provides women access to prenatal care, provides home visiting nurses, and coordinates access to important health and maternity support services such as Medicaid, medical care, WIC, mental health and substance abuse services and SIDs education.

WIC Nutrition Program: The Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) provides monthly checks for healthy food for pregnant women, nursing moms, and children under five. WIC offers additional services like health screenings and breastfeeding support.

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