MRSA Toolkit for Shelter Service Sites

This toolkit has been designed to help prevent and stop or reduce the spread of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) skin infections in shelter service sites. It contains educational materials targeted to the guest, staff and volunteers.

We suggest that you review all the materials provided and use them appropriately to fit your situation.

Table of Contents
How to use this toolkit

Assessing Infection Control

  1. What Management Can Do to Prevent and Control MRSA
  2. Assessing Practice through Observation
  3. Evaluation of Toolkit

Preventing Transmission

  1. Preventing MRSA in the Community for People Using Shelter Services (6-minute video)
  2. Best Practices for Infection Control (manual)
  1. How to Wash Hands (poster)
  2. When to Wash Hands (poster)
  3. How to Use Hand Sanitizer (poster)
  4. When to Wear Disposable Gloves (poster)
  5. Keep it Cold (poster)
  6. Keep Hands Clean (poster)
  7. Keep Food Untouched (poster)
  8. Keep Your Hands Off My Food (poster)
  9. Keep it Hot or Cold (poster)
  10. A.  How to Mix Sanitizing Solution (poster) B.  Bleach Sanitizing Solution Stickers
  11. Prevent Cross Contamination (poster)
  12. Cooking Temperature (poster)
  13. Dirty Clothes Spread Disease (poster)
  14. Guidelines for On-Site Laundry (poster)
  15. A.  How to Mix Disinfecting Solution (poster) B. Bleach Disinfecting Solution Stickers
  16. Clean for Health (poster)
  17. How to Disinfect Mattresses (poster)
  18. How to Disinfect Guest Storage (poster)
  19. Show You Care, Don't Share (poster)
  20. Avoid Sharing Personal Items (poster)
  21. Cleaning and Sanitizing Kitchens
  22. Cleaning and Disinfecting Laundry Rooms
  23. Cleaning and Disinfecting Common Areas
  24. Cleaning and Disinfecting Sleeping Areas
  25. Cleaning and Sanitizing Showers
  26. Cleaning and Disinfecting Lavatories

Caring for Skin Infections

  1. Preventing MRSA in the Community for People Using Shelter Services (6-minute video)
  2. Assisting with Skin Infections
  3. MRSA Fact Sheet (8 1/2 x 11)
  4. MRSA Fact Sheet (11 x 17)
  5. Defend Yourself Against MRSA
  6. Referral to Wound Clinic
  7. Skin Infection Alert (poster)
  8. How to Change a Bandage (poster)
  9. Showing with a Bandage (poster)
  10. Living with MRSA (English) (Spanish)
  11. Dirty Clothes Spread Disease (poster)
  12. How to Wash Hands (poster)
  13. When to Wash Hands (poster)
  14. How to use Hand Sanitizer (poster)
  15. When to Wear Gloves (poster)
  16. Antibiotics and Infections (brochure)
  17. Abscess Care and Prevention (brochure)
  18. Show You Care (poster)
  19. Avoid Sharing Items (poster)