MRSA Toolkit for School Health Team

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Health Team

Health Team-0    How to use Toolkit-Health Team

Health Team-1    Infection Control Checklist

Health Team-2    Guidance for School Nurses

Health Team-3    Quick Reference Environmental Cleaning

Health Team-4    MEDSCAPE Article-Q&A MRSA

Health Team-5    Annotated Bib MRSA in Teams

Health Team-6    Poster on Hand Washing

Health Team-7    Evaluation of Toolkit

Parents & Students

Parents & Students-1    MRSA Fact Sheet 8x11 Rev Jun 09

Parents & Students-2    MRSA Fact Sheet 11x17 Rev Jun 09

Parents & Students-3    Poster on Hand Washing

Parents & Students-4    Brochure Antibiotics & Skin Infections

Parents & Students-5A  Poster-Don't Let This Happen to You 11x17

Parents & Students-5B  Poster-Stop the Spread of MRSA 11x17

Parents & Students-5C  Poster-MRSA Hurts 11x17

Parents & Students-6A  Living with MRSA ENGLISH

Parents & Students-6B  Living with MRSA SPANISH

Parents & Students-7    Informational e-mail or article MRSA

Parents & Students-8    Sample letter to notify parents MRSA

Parents & Students-9    Poster-A Clean School 11x17 middle school

Parents & Students-10  Poster-Clean for Health 11x17 high school


Teachers-1    What to do about MRSA PowerPoint

Teachers-2    MRSA Fact Sheet-General 8x11 Rev Jun 09

Teachers-3    Poster on Hand Washing

Teachers-4    Informational e-mail or article MRSA

Teachers-5    Poster-A Clean School 11x17 middle school

Teachers-6    Poster-Clean for Health 11x17 high school