Health Equity

What is health equity?

Health equity is the opportunity for every individual to attain their full health potential. Health starts where we live, learn, work, and play. Since opportunities for good health start there, many factors impact who has access to those opportunities and who may not.

An individual’s income, education, housing, transportation, access to healthy foods, and other social factors impact their opportunities for health, creating barriers and unfair disadvantages for some groups. If we achieve health equity, health disparities in Pierce County would not be predictable by zip code, income, race, or any other social factor. See the 2015 Health Equity Assessment.

What are we doing to achieve health equity?

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department recognizes the benefits of providing equitable opportunities for health to all members of the Pierce County community. We are committed to improving the conditions that impact health for those suffering most from poor health outcomes. Healthy choices should be convenient choices for everyone in Pierce County.

To accomplish this, we are working to incorporate a health equity focus into all of our programs and services, as well as working to ensure all people in every community have the tools and ability to improve conditions where they live, learn, work, and play.

What can you do to support health equity in Pierce County?

Everyone in Pierce County has a role to play in achieving health equity. Improving opportunities for good health in the parts of our community with the worst health will benefit everyone, including employers. To learn more or find out how you can collaborate with the health department to help achieve health equity, email

Where are you on the health equity map?

Sample Map for HE Site Apr2017

Find your neighborhood on one of our 70 maps on the Health Equity Maps page. There are maps covering:

  • Chronic diseases.
  • Communicable diseases.
  • Education.
  • Environmental health.
  • Income.
  • Maternal & child health.
  • Mental & behavioral health.
  • Neighborhoods .
  • And several more!

Want to learn more about health equity?

Contact Jacques Colon at (253) 370-5687 or

Check out our recent publications below; Fairness Across Places? Your Health in Pierce County.

There is full assessment report, a summary report and an infographic.

2015 Health Equity Assessment Cover 

What Makes Us Healthy Chart

Health Equity Infograph Web Icon

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