Mobile Hand Washing Trailers

The mobile handwashing trailers are unavailable at this time. We winterize the trailers during cooler months, when there is a chance water pipes might freeze. Please check back in early Spring for availability. If you have any questions call (253) 798-6460.

We have two mobile handwashing units available for use at public community events, free of charge. The units are also available for private events for a moderate fee.

The mobile handwashing units consist of a self-contained trailer with at least two sinks, soap and paper towels and are a wonderful way to provide reliable handwashing at any community event.

The units are particularly appropriate for events with:

  • food
  • portable restrooms
  • petting zoos or other activities involving the handling of animals

In order to provide a handwashing trailer at your event, we require the following amenities:

  • A potable (drinkable) water source within 100 feet of the location where the trailer will be parked. For example, water from a sink with a threaded faucet inside a building or a spigot on the outside of a building.
  • A location to dispose of the wastewater within 100 feet of the trailer. Wastewater from the hand washing trailer must be disposed of into an approved sewage disposal system. For example, a plumbed mop sink or a manhole that drains to the sewer system. Wastewater cannot be disposed on the street, on the grass, down a storm drain or in a portable toilet.

Our staff will drop off and pick up trailer at pre-arranged times.