Whooping Cough Cost and Insurance Coverage


Below is a list of local adult immunization sites for the whooping cough vaccine and their prices as of the first week of May 2012. Please be sure to contact the immunization site to verify the costs of the vaccine as changes may have occurred after this update.

  • Albertson's - $55
  • Safeway - $60
  • Walmart - $60
  • Rite Aid - $65
  • Fred Meyer - $70
  • US Healthworks - $90+
  • General Medical Clinics $120

Medicaid covers vaccination for pertussis, per the recommended immunization schedule. If you have questions about coverage, submit a “Contact Us” request through: https://fortress.wa.gov/dshs/p1contactus/ and select Billing/Policy for the Topic.

Medicare coverage for Tdap vaccination is a Part D benefit. This is a prescription drug benefit, so coverage for Tdap may depend on use of that benefit so far this year. Medicare beneficiaries with questions should contact (800) 633-4227. Healthcare providers with questions should contact the patients Part D plan for part D vaccine information.

Dual Medicare/Medicaid coverage - If Medicare covers a vaccine, Medicare pays. If Medicare does not Medicaid becomes the primary insurance.

For all other insurances, please contact your provider for coverage information.