Report an Illness or Concern

We take seriously all reports of foodborne illness and food safety concerns. If you believe something you ate made you sick, or if you have a food safety concern, we want to know.

Report a Foodborne Illness

Use the Online Report Form or call (253) 798-4712 to report a foodborne illness.

Knowing your symptoms and when they occurred are critical to determining the cause of foodborne illness. Knowing what and where you ate for the five days before you became ill is also critical to determining the cause of foodborne illness. There is a common misconception that the last food you ate made you sick. While this can be true, most bacteria and viruses require longer incubation periods. Be sure to write down when your symptoms occurred and your five-day food history so you don't forget. If you have a serious case of foodborne illness, first seek medical attention.

Report a Food Safety Concern

Use the Online Report Form or call (253) 798-4559 to report a food safety concern.

Information for Food Service Establishments

Food service workers, managers and owners should consider legitimate all reports of possible foodborne illness and immediately notify the Health Department. Download the Foodborne Illness Reporting Fact Sheet to use as a reference when gathering information related to a possible foodborne illness.