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What do we do?

We eat out just like you. Our Food Safety Program works with many businesses and residents to protect their physical and financial health. We use the Washington State Retail Food Code to promote
food safety in our community.

Our food safety work is funded entirely by food establishment permit fees and food worker card revenue—not tax dollars.

In 2014:

  • 36,916 Pierce County food workers learned about safe food handling practices via the Health Department’s online food worker card program.
  • 5,454 food providers, including schools and temporary events, obtained food permits.
  • 12,513 inspections helped to identify any potential food safety hazards at restaurants, farmers’ markets, schools, events and more.
  • 390 reports of foodborne illness were investigated.

Food safety is good for all of us!

Federal, state and local food safety regulations exist to create a best practices framework for our local food establishments and their employees—so that your dining experience can be worry free. When food establishments are properly permitted and ensure that their food workers follow those guidelines, they support a strong public health safety net that limits foodborne illness.

Resources for businesses

Existing food business

Opening a food business

Temporary food establishment

Farmers market

Cottage Food Permit (from Washington State Department of Agriculture)

Service Animal FAQ for Businesses and Consumers (from United States Department of Justice)

Food Bites Newsletters

Food Manager Course

Resources for food workers

Food Worker Card


Resources for consumers

Consumer food safety

Food Establishment Inspection Reports

Foodborne illness reporting

Service Animal FAQ for Businesses and Consumers (from United States Department of Justice)


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