Waste Disposal Authorization

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department regulates the disposal of solid waste in Pierce County.
We determine if a waste is acceptable for disposal at a local facility. Wastes are characterized as “solid waste” (non-hazardous) or “dangerous waste” (hazardous). Only solid waste may be accepted by landfills and transfer stations in Pierce County.

We use the Waste Disposal Authorization (WDA) Process to characterize a waste.
Some wastes may be subject to the WDA process to confirm that they meet a receiving facility’s solid waste permit conditions. We also review materials that may pose physical hazards to the public or facility employees. Although the WDA process only applies to waste disposed in Pierce County, most other counties have similar waste screening procedures. For more information regarding waste characterization and disposal outside Pierce County, contact the local area health department.

To get a Waste Disposal Authorization, contact the Health Department
. We will ask you to submit a WDA application and the results of analyses performed on waste samples. We will review the application and analytical results and determine if disposal in a Pierce County facility would be appropriate.

Examples of wastes that require the WDA process
include, but are not limited to, the following: certain asbestos wastes, contaminated soils, industrial wastes (fly ash, slag),spent sandblast material, paint-booth filters, residue from steam-cleaning operations, and grit and soil from car wash catch basins.

The Health Department WDA review fee is $165 for 2017
. Renewals and modifications in 2017 are $90. These fees only apply if the waste is approved for disposal within Pierce County. If disposal in Pierce County is not possible, we will try to help you find another suitable location.

The following Pierce County facilities accept wastes through the WDA process:

 City of Tacoma Landfill
3510 South Mullen
Tacoma, WA 98409-2200
(253) 591-5543

 Hidden Valley Transfer Station
17925 Meridian South
Puyallup, WA 98373
(253) 847-7555

 LRI Landfill
30919 Meridian Street E
Graham, WA
(253) 847-7555
   Wm Dickson Waller Road Inert Waste Landfill
2839 48th St E
Tacoma, WA 98409
(253) 472-4489
(Inert wastes only)

For a more complete list of disposal/treatment facilities and additional disposal options, please contact the Health Department at (253) 798-6047, or ehsolidwaste@tpchd.org.